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What is my time worth?

Gold (8 hrs)CHF 2400.00 Silver (4 hrs)CHF 1200.00 Bronze (2 hrs)CHF 600.00

Are you interested in a full package?
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May I create your Wedding Book?

Free sample album WEEDING BOOK (80 pages)CHF 1750.00 YOUNG BOOK (80 pages)CHF 1450.00 STANDARD (60 pages)CHF 875.00

Slide Show at Dinner or Wedding Video?

no PictureShow PictureShowCHF 475.00

Wedding movie?

no Wedding movie Wedding movieCHF 875.00

Do your guests want to take a snapshot of themselves?

no Photobox Photobox ProCHF 1275.00 Photobox PlusCHF 475.00 Photobox SmartCHF 175.00

What’s the Location for Your Wedding?

I waive any offsetting on weddings in the canton of Zurich.

Canton Zuerich SwissgermanCHF 175.00 RomandieCHF 275.00 TicinoCHF 375.00


Want an additional Shooting?

When booking an additional shoot I will receive a 10% discount.

No optional Shooting Couple Shooting (2 hrs)CHF 607.00 Trash the Dress (2 hrs)CHF 607.00

More information on the Couple Shooting


A fancy photo shoot complacent?

When booking all the offers I get 20% discount.

No Trash the Dress Trash the Dress (2 hrs)CHF 540.00

More information on the Trash the Dress


Engangement photos for your wedding ad?

When booking all the offers I get 20% discount.

No Couple Shooting Couple Shooting (2 hrs)CHF 540.00


Do you want just an offer via Email or an appointment with me?

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Personal details of the bridal couple

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More questions?

I will be glad to answer them all! Call me for appointment, come visit in my studio to see my work.

Phone +41 44 941 35 22